jan 10, 2019

Electrification expansion in Ethiopia

Around the world, change and development are taking place at an intense pace, which to a large extent affects countries in Asia and Africa. Today, we work strategically to further develop our presence in these regions and our experience and knowledge are in demand. One example is the technical development that enables large parts of Africa to be electrically powered. As an independent project manager, with Electrification expansion in Ethiopia broad technical expertise, Hifab is at the forefront of the strong expansion of Africa’s energy supply system. Our presence makes a difference when new ways of producing energy are introduced, local electricity networks are connected to national trunk networks and alternative financing solutions are developed.

Now we are starting a new project in Ethiopia where we project a comprehensive electrification project. Hifab with partners has written a consulting contract with the Ethiopian Electric Authority, EEP, to be responsible for project management, project planning and construction of the National Load Dispatch Center for Ethiopia’s electrical system. The project is funded by the French development agency AFD and is expected to run until 2021.