May 04, 2020

Hifab International still available despite Covid-19

Greetings from Hifab International

As you know, Hifab is a Swedish Project Management Consulting Firm which has been working in Bangladesh with multiple government agencies (LGED, RHD etc.) since 1987. We have recently registered our Branch Office in Bangladesh.

We hope you are safe and healthy and that your business is finding its way through these challenging times. With the spread of Coronavirus, business is moving at a slower pace and in some cases has come to a temporary halt. This will have economic repercussions that are likely to continue into the near future.

Many expatriates have left Bangladesh and temporally returned to their home counties, leaving behind some important tasks that must be completed. Hifab is still functioning in Bangladesh, with all our employees following proper social distancing and other preventive measures as suggested by WHO and local Health Authorities.

We will be able to provide specific short-term services during this period. This might become particularly important in that period between business starting to open up again, but before staff return to Bangladesh. Some of these services are listed below.

  • Negotiations on important business deals on behalf of your company with required expertise.
  • Inspections of materials, rent spaces and other value packs, providing timely reports to ease your concerns.
  • Quality Control check for your products and services based in Bangladesh to ensure proper maintenance of the brand value associated with your business.
  • Status updates of the business propositions in Bangladesh and other government measures that will be provided, with real time analysis during this pandemic.
  • Tax Services required in any field of business.

 As we pass through this difficult time and it is important that we are prepared when life finally starts to return to normal.

We understand how difficult this period is for everybody and we are therefore pleased to let you know that fees for services provided will be competitive.

Stay safe, stay home.

For more information, please contact

Kåre Sundin, Managing Director International

  • PublishedMay 04, 2020