Dec 13, 2021

Another SCADA assignment for Hifab in Bangladesh

Hifab has been contracted to carry out an operational assessment and capacity development program when BREB – Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board – will start a SCADA pilot project. BREB is the largest power distribution organization in Bangladesh and responsible for rural electrification, covering 90,000 villages and ca 100 million people.

NIR – the International Council of Swedish Industry – has a program called Sustainability Impact Accelerator. Through this program, capacity development activities are carried out for development partners in OECD/DAC countries, to maximize sustainability impact in projects that contribute to the local 2030 Agenda. Hifab has recently won an assignment with NIR to carry out an operational assessment and a capacity development program for BREB when they are implementing their first SCADA pilot project. Kåre Sundin, Market Area Manager International at Hifab, is delighted with the new assignment. He looks upon it as proof that Hifab really knows both the country and the sector and that we have highly skilled consultants.

“We have been interested in working for NIR and their Sustainability Impact Accelerator program for a while and will now do our best to deliver a successful assignment. BREB is the biggest power distribution organization in Bangladesh, and it is highly satisfying that we now can work with them in their technical and organizational development. Our inputs will mainly result in BREB developing a better understanding of the potential of SCADA systems and better-trained staff”.

SCADA is a control system for supervision and monitoring of electricity in a grid, which in BREB’s case covers some 90,000 villages and 100 million people in rural Bangladesh.

“Hifab is a strong partner to NIR and BREB in this assignment through our comprehensive knowledge of both Bangladesh and SCADA systems. We are already working in three other energy assignments in Bangladesh, all including SCADA systems in some capacity. We have continuously worked in the country since 1987, which of course results in a strong track record of satisfied clients. We know what we are doing!”

At the beginning of 2022, we will mobilise five experienced consultants to the project who will work closely with the management of BREB and make sure that the assessment and capacity development support is delivered in accordance with the time schedule in the best possible way.

  • PublishedDec 13, 2021