sep 13, 2018

Safe electricity supply provides increased quality of life

Hifab’s Finnish subsidiary, Hifab Oy, has been commissioned to, as technical experts, project a comprehensive operating optimization project in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Hifab Oy has for 30 years specialized in aid-financed assignments in the energy sector and is active in countries such as Liberia, Mozambique, Uganda and Tanzania.

The project involves the construction of one operating monitoring center with Safe electricity supply provides increased quality of life a so-called SCADA system that improves the control and optimization of the power grid. With the help of real-time monitoring of the electricity network components, one can minimize and prevent risks of overload and fault situation in the network. Stable electricity supply is one of the most important components in the work to achieve for example gender equality and a higher standard of living in developing countries.

Handshake after the project contract is signed. On site are, among others, Kent Strand and Dulal Rahim from Hifab as well as customer representatives; DESCO.