Dhaka strengthens its infrastructure

After successful implementation of Phase 1, Hifab is now leading the second phase of a major infrastructure project in Bangladesh. The project is part of a larger investment program with the aim of developing the cities of Dhaka
and Khulna in a sustainable manner. Investments must be made so that important infrastructure such as roads, drainage, water supply and waste management can be coordinated.

The efforts are aimed at promoting economic growth and the project contributes to strengthening local government and helps the municipalities to ensure that they have the capacity to deliver sustainable services.

Hifab supports the client with procurement, monitors the suppliers who are to implement the infrastructure projects and also identifies new sub-projects.

  • Plats Bangladesh
  • Uppdrag Pre-study and detailed planning
  • Uppdragsgivare Asiatiska utvecklingsbanken (ADB)
  • Prjojekttid 2019-2019
  • Kontaktperson Nathalie Tranefeldt, nathalie.tranefeldt@hifab.se, 0768400901,