Our overall competence

We are unique and independent

Our customers employ us as specialists or for entire project management organizations. We are independent of planners and contractors and are happy to participate in projects from an early stage to ensure effective implementation. Internationally, Hifab offers project management to bilateral and multilateral aid agencies, with assignments in some ten countries around the world.

Unlike our multidisciplinary competitors, we specialize in just planning and leading projects. Unlike other specialized project management companies, we have a national presence and the opportunity to follow our customers. We create good results through close collaboration between colleagues and our customers. We benefit from the experiences of others and share our own. Together, we are stronger.


Strategic partnerships

Our customers have different needs and more and more often a supplier is asked who can take greater responsibility for the project’s implementation. We often include strategic alliances and partnerships to ensure that our customers always receive customized solutions and thus a successful end result.

Extensive international experience leads to flexible solutions

At Hifab there is a solid history of international work. Since the early 1970s, hundreds of commissions have been carried out, primarily funded by various international financial institutions and international donors. We are engaged in projects in about ten developing countries, in sectors such as infrastructure, climate and environment, electricity supply and organizational development. Read more HERE .